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Scott Fujita Says That Colt McCoy Reminds Him of a Young Drew Brees

Too bad Fujita wasn't asked about his coverage on TE Jared Cook.
Too bad Fujita wasn't asked about his coverage on TE Jared Cook.

Tsk tsk. What a teammate will say to stick up for his quarterback.

Cleveland Browns outside linebacker Scott Fujita was on the Bull & Fox show on 92.3 The Fan to talk about the team's disappointing loss to the Titans, and what he thinks of starting quarterback Colt McCoy. The bit about McCoy compared him to Drew Brees, arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the league today. What exactly about McCoy reminded him of Brees? Read on...

Do you think Colt McCoy is on the progression to possibly becoming like a Drew Brees or be as good as him?

"I don’t want to take any credit for this, but I think I was the first one locally to say that. I think last season when Colt McCoy first got the nod as the starter and it wasn’t so much the play at that point it was just watching the way he commanded the huddle and the way he commanded the respect of the guys in the lockerroom and the way he was such a natural leader. That was the thing that struck me the most being similar to Drew Brees. Drew is one of my best friends down there and played against his former team when he was with San Diego and I was with Kansas City. I got to know him really, really well over the years and Colt McCoy just reminded me of a young version of Drew Brees. Obviously he is going to keep growing as a player and keep getting better and better, but in terms of those intangible leadership qualities? Colt has got that."

The rest of Fujita's interview can be read here.