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Vote for to Make Coaches Film Available

The NFL is currently running a poll to see if the public would be interested in having access to coaches film. That means you would be able to review every play of every game from camera angles that show all 22 players on the field. This would definitely be valuable to people who break things down like rufio, and I'm sure even the casual fans would get a kick out of it.

It sounds like the plan is for the coaches tape to potentially be a part of NFL's Game Rewind package. Of course, if they made everything available, you can bet that the price would be increased (the maximum category on the poll is $75-$100). The survey asks about your interest in the service, as well as how much you would be interested in paying for such access. Feel free to discuss in the comments section how you voted; I'm curious how much "value," in terms of cost, this would have to the average fan.