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Pro Football Focus: Nuggets From the Titans Game

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Pro Football Focus continued their "re-focused" series where they review each game from the previous week. They just finished with the Titans vs. Browns game, and a summary of what they had to say about the Browns is after the jump.

  • Quarterback Colt McCoy was given an average rating for the game, but it was said that his receivers hurt his production greatly, particularly running back Montario Hardesty with four drops.
  • Wide receiver Greg Little ran 59 pass routes, 40 of which came from the slot production. Even though he had six receptions, his production was considered pretty low given the number of routes he ran.
  • The safeties continue to be a unit that struggles, and that includes the trio of T.J. Ward, Usama Young, and Mike Adams. Each of them were involved in the Titans' three big offensive plays during the game. Out of the three safeties, Adams, not Ward, was credited as having the best game.
  • Even though Chris Johnson had a couple of nice runs, several defensive players were praised for stopping him for short gains or a loss. Those players included linebackers D'Qwell Jackson and Scott Fujita, and defensive end Jabaal Sheard.
  • Here is an interesting one for predictability: "80% of the time when Peyton Hillis ran the ball, it was between the tackles. 85% of the time when Montario Hardesty ran the ball, it was somewhere to the right of the right guard."