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Really, Tony? Pumping Up the Hillis Trade Rumors?

You knew it was going to come to this...from the media's point of view. Here is an article from Pro Football Talk, which is basing rumors of a future trade request by running back Peyton Hillis off of what Plain Dealer writer Tony Grossi had to say:

Hillis wasn’t happy with his lack of usage after last week’s game. Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer believes the drama may only be starting.

Grossi opened on a video segment that he thinks Hillis will request a trade as the "next step" in the process.  The contract talk is "not going well" according to Grossi, who says the Browns see Montario Hardesty as a runner with a higher ceiling.

Ugh. Granted, there is always a chance that I could be wrong and that all of this "behind the scenes stuff" with Hillis is actually going on, but I stand by what I said a few days ago: this is screaming of an overreaction from the media. I'd be real curious to know exactly what sources Grossi has that would lead him to put a rumor like this out there.