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WFNY: Breaking Down the TE Touchdowns by the Titans

Over at Waiting for Next Year, they put up a post that has screen caps and descriptions of the two plays that the Cleveland Browns defense allowed touchdowns to Tennessee tight ends on.

Last year, I harped on the defense possibly having issues with covering tight ends due to how terrible coverage looked in the 2010 preseason. In the end, it never seemed to turn into a major issue during the regular season. Fast forward to this season, where the coverage of tight ends never really crossed my mind in the preseason. I was worried about not having a set starter at one of the safety positions, but more general things (the switch to the West Coast Offense and to the 4-3 defense) were on my mind.

Well, covering the tight ends has definitely been a problem through four games. As WFNY points out, the Browns have yielded 15 catches for 225 yards and 4 touchdowns to tight ends. Nearly have of that production came against the Titans, but that one game will definitely stand out to teams who face us the rest of the way. Who isn't going to try to match up a tight end on Scott Fujita after seeing his lack of speed last Sunday?

Feel free to comment further on the plays screen capped by WFNY in the comments section. I'd be interesting in hearing if rufio has anything to add about either player and whether or not he agrees with their assessment.