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Poll: Should the Cleveland Browns Pursue WR Terrell Owens?

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When wide receiver Terrell Owens had ACL surgery after last season, I had heard rumors that he might retire from football. Since then, I basically forgot about Owens and had not really thought of the possibility of him making another return to the NFL.

As I was walking by a television with ESPN playing on it the other day, I saw a highlight reel of none other than Owens. I was surprised to hear him indicate in an interview that he felt he was very close to returning to football if a team wanted to sign him. When asked for a more specific timetable, Owens said, "a month or less."

It's tough to say how Owens would perform post-injury, but he didn't show many signs of slowing down last season. The Browns' defensive backs should know about that personally because he absolutely torched them as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. He finished last season with 72 catches for 983 yards and 9 touchdowns.

The Browns have still had issues with their receivers getting open, and that is something Owens can deliver. If a team signs him, it is going to be a team that has a chance at contending (i.e. not the Miami Dolphins). Cleveland still has a soft schedule ahead of them where they could have a chance at being a .500 team heading into the last month of the season if they get things together. Would Owens be a difference maker for the development of Colt McCoy, or a hindrance?

I think Owens' attitude toward his quarterbacks has improved over the past two seasons as a member of the Bills and the Bengals, but his past of being too much of a media personality would still be a turn off for me. The Browns had to feel that they had a chance of contending with a soft schedule this season, and they chose not to bring in veteran free agent players at most positions. To suddenly sign Owens and play him ahead of the receivers they seem committed to developing would seem to go against what the phiolsophy of the front office has been all along.

What do you think? Should the Browns try to pursue Owens?