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Cribbs Backtracks on the Hype of His "Special" Plays

Cleveland Browns playmaker Joshua Cribbs got people's hopes up on Wednesday when he told the media, "I can’t give nothing away, but they put something in that’s real special to me and that’s all I can say about that." If you take what he said literally, then technically it might only mean that there is one play that is kind of creative for him. Generally, though, some fans ran with the idea that it could be something more substantial, such as the return of the Wildcat or featuring Cribbs at running back with Peyton Hillis and Montario Hardesty out.

Cribbs tried to quiet some of those reports on Thursday.

Cribbs wrote on his Twitter account Wednesday night he was "just kidding" and giving reporters a good story. "There is nothing big for me in the package," Cribbs wrote, adding later that the media "put words in my mouth about some things. There’s always something special for me in the game plan," Cribbs said after Thursday’s practice. "I was having fun with you guys. I was just letting ya’ll know, trying to guess some stuff. But there wasn’t really nothing to guess."

Is Cribbs trying to do a little damage control so the Rams aren't more aware of our intentions to use him, or is he being truthful in the sense that his role won't change very much? Given Pat Shurmur's playcalling this year, I think Cribbs is truthful when he says his role won't change...but it could leave the Rams' defenders doing a little extra studying in case something does pop up.