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Report: T.J. Ward Out 4-6 Weeks, Update on Peyton Hillis' Hamstring

We knew that safety T.J. Ward and running back Peyton Hillis would miss this week's game, but it was a bit unclear as to what the extent of their injuries were as of today. There are reports today that provide updates on both players.

From the Akron Beacon Journal on Ward:

SS T.J. Ward (foot) is expected to miss 4-6 weeks, league source confirms.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Hillis:

For anyone wondering how bad Hillis' hamstring is, it's an angry black-and-blue. Still looks pretty bad. (He's rule out this week).

That doesn't sound good for either player, and it leads me to question why Hillis was even allowed to attempt a comeback last week. The length of Ward's injury came off as a surprise. Safety Usama Young did return to practice Friday morning, so odds are we'll probably see Young start in place of Ward this Sunday instead of rookie Eric Hagg. With this being Week 10, if the report on Ward is true, we're almost in the territory where you ask, "do we place him on injured reserve?"