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Instant Recap: Browns Escape With 14-10 Win Over Jaguars

The Cleveland Browns won this game. I just wanted to get that out of the way.

Even though the Browns only put 14 points on the board, this was by far their best-looking offensive game of the season. There were several lengthy drives that the Browns put together. The first one led to a Chris Ogbonnaya touchdown run in the second quarter. The second one led to a Colt McCoy interception in the third quarter. Near the start of the fourth quarter, the third one led to a nice touchdown connection between McCoy and Joshua Cribbs. The final one, which came when the Browns were up 14-10 near the end of the fourth quarter, is where the big controversy came into play.

Kicker Phil Dawson came on to attempt a 38-yard field goal, and one official waved it off as being no good. Dawson could be seen visibly complaining that the kick was good, and when CBS showed the replay, it appeared that Dawson might have had a point. Granted, you would think the official right under the goal post had a good view of the kick, but the replay seemed to favor Dawson's case. The play was deemed "not reviewable" because the kick was higher than the goal posts.

That's the anti-Bottlegate for you.

After that, the Jaguars quickly marched down the field. Within the final seconds of the game, the Jaguars had one play from the 2-yard line and two plays from the 1-yard line. Both of Blaine Gabbert's final passes fell incomplete, and the Browns survived.

Despite Cleveland's positive offensive day, this game was marred by terrible calls from the officials on both sides. I'm talking about the poor pass interference calls, the Jaguars getting screwed on a replay review, the referees missing a fumble by Owen Marecic, and other things. Both teams were hammered unfairly by the referees, and I'd call it a "push" in that regard. Because Cleveland played better offensively, I still think the right team won this game...but not by a significant margin.

We're 4-6 and will take on the 6-4 Bengals next week in Cincinnati.

Oh...and one more thing: shove it, Maurice Jones-Drew.