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Off-Topic: Black Friday 2011

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but besides eating some turkey, potatoes, and stuffing and watching football games, something else will be on a lot of people's minds: deals, deals, and more deals!

How many Black Friday deals have I taken advantage of in my lifetime? Honestly, probably zero, even though I will sit there for a long time on Thursday and read through all of the fliers in the newspaper. Any time I feel the urge to go out to a store, all I need to do is a Google Image or YouTube search on "Black Friday" to see how many people camp out in line or stampede each other for an item.

Nonetheless, this post is intended for you to discuss any Black Friday deals you plan on trying to take advantage of, or any good/bad stories you have had on the day in previous years.

Technically, I do have incentive to seek out a monitor this year for my PC, since it stopped receiving power a couple of days ago and I'm currently stuck with a giant CRT monitor. Before I buy a new one though, my Thanksgiving project is to open up my LCD monitor to see if any of the capacitors blew. If that's the case, it might only require a $5 investment from RadioShack and some handy work to get things up-and-running again.