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Power Play of the Week: Norwood Puts on a Move for 51 Yards

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Facing a 7-0 deficit in the second quarter this past Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Colt McCoy and the Cleveland Browns' offense were facing a 3rd-and-6 from their own 42 yard line. The Browns had a four receiver set on the field with a running back to the left of McCoy. The Jaguars brought six defenders to try to pressure McCoy on the play, but the offensive line and Chris Ogbonnaya picked it up well.

All four receivers immediately ran their routes up the field and past the first down marker. Jordan Norwood, who was lined up slot right, broke horizontally toward the middle once he got two yards past the first down marker. McCoy fired the ball as soon as Norwood was turning, adding to the increased chemistry that he is showing with his receivers. Norwood made the catch and quickly twister to turn up field, as the defender who was covering him had lost a step and was behind him. [See video of the play at]

Then, at the Jaguars' 43-yard line, Norwood put a sick move on an approaching defender, faking out both him and the defender he had originally beaten. It was then a race for the end zone, but since all the receivers had originally run downfield, it's not like Norwood could just walk in. With a slight stumble as he got to around the 12-yard line, he was finally tackled at the 7-yard line. Four plays later, Ogbonnaya scored on a one-yard rushing touchdown.

It was the team's third longest pass play of the season. The two plays that went longer were the bomb to Mohamed Massaquoi for 56 yards in Week 1, and the pass the cut through the wind to Greg Little before the end of the first half against the Rams for 52 yards. Ironically, none of those three pass plays have gone for touchdowns. The thing that is different about Norwood's catch is that he did most of his damage after the catch, something this team has been severely lacking. That's why Norwood's 51-yard catch-and-run is this week's Power Play of the Week.