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Jauron: More on Jayme Mitchell's Demotion, and His Thoughts on the Final Play Last Sunday

Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron spoke with the media back on Wednesday, which is a day earlier than he usually does, probably to avoid having the conference fall on Thanksgiving. There were some good tidbits from his presser though, including some more information on the demotion of defensive end Jayme Mitchell, if he thought Maurice Jones-Drew would get the ball on the final play last week, Joe Haden getting called for penalties, and more. [Read full press conference transcript here]

(On Emmanuel Stephens working his way into the starting lineup)- "Emmanuel was a really good pick up for us and he’s a hard working young man.  He’s a tough guy, plays hard and explosive off the line of scrimmage.  He’s very young in his career and learning how to play, but he really has given us solid games and has played well.  I’m really happy we got him and I think there’s a very good deal of upside to him too.  I think he’ll just continue to improve."

(On if Jayme Mitchell lost his starting job because of the move to right end and if he wasn’t producing there)- "No, like any decision that we make, we make it on what we think is in the best interest of the football team.  When we moved Jabaal to left, Jabaal just turns out to be better at the left than he is at the right.  He’s a really good defensive end.  We moved Jayme over to the right side and eventually we felt Emmanuel was playing better than Jayme so we made the switch at that that side.  That’s really all there is to it."

(On Mitchell getting some reps at left end last game, how he performed and if he is more comfortable on the left side)- "He did okay. I think he’s definitely more comfortable on that side.  He likes playing over there better.  They’ll all play.  As what we said all year, we’d like to play them in a rotation.  We’re falling into a better rotation the more we learn about our guys and how to play them so everybody will play.  Everybody that’s up should up. Last week Auston (English) didn’t play much just because we wanted to make sure that leg was okay.  He played maybe five or six plays.  We just felt he might need another week.  That was the reason he wasn’t in the rotation too."

(On the final play against Jacksonville and if he felt Maurice Jones-Drew would get the ball)- "When you have a running back like that and clearly they know they have a running back like that, they know we’re playing for the run.  Our front was stacked.  I think decision wise, I think they probably did the right thing.  That guy is really good, Dirk Koetter, and has been for a long time.  We anticipated he would have the ball and I’m sure they anticipated we were going to stack the front, try not to let him in the end zone running the ball."

(On what went well on the last play of the game)- "We got the breaks.  We played well.  The guys did a good job, but you’ve got to get a little bit lucky too.  On the last play, D’Qwell (Jackson) made a real nice play.  That’s a tough down because he ends up playing on a wide receiver inside.  The quarterback has some time because we’ve got to clear run first before we get on our way to the quarterback.  D’Qwell did a nice job.  Clearly there’s a time clock in the quarterback’s head.  He’s got to get it out.  He can’t take a sack.  He delivers the ball and D’Qwell’s right there on the receiver.  It was a good down for us."

(On if his heart skipped a beat when he saw a linebacker on their best receiver)- "There’s lots of things that make your heart skip beats (joking).  It was fun.  It’s unbelievable what four seconds or where a pass goes or if they catch it or don’t catch it. It makes your Sunday or breaks your Sunday."

(On how well Joe Haden has been playing this season)- "Joe is really a good player.  I do believe he’s going to get better.  There are things he does exceptionally well, things you can’t teach him.  He’s very tough.  He’s a very tough guy, a very competitive guy.  Jerome (Henderson) does a terrific job with him.  As he gets more and more into technique, he’s just going to improve.  You can help a guy with some things.  You certainly can’t teach speed and Joe can run.  He can change direction.  He’s got a unique ability to reach the ball.  He’s got a long reach and a temperament that’s really good for that position.  He’s got a short memory.  He’ll come back the next down and just battle you.  We’re lucky to have Joe."

(On if they can do anything to help Haden’s hands)- "He’s got good hands.  That one was just too bad.  The ball gets on you so fast on the field and you’re not alone, occasionally you are, when you’re trying to catch one of those.  You’re usually in traffic, which doesn’t make it any easier.  It’s just one of those things.  I’m sure he’ll catch a lot of them before he’s done."

(On Haden’s penalties last Sunday and if he is attracting the official because of he’s so physical)- "Probably and again technique wise, he’s just going to get better and better over time.  Those other guys are really good too.  There’s nobody out there that’s a slouch.  Everybody in the league can beat you in some way or another.  The offenses are more and more sophisticated.  They’re all double moves and triple moves, and they’ll pump and you can’t touch them after five.  It’s hard.  It’s a difficult position to play."

(On if he thinks Sheldon Brown will be challenged more in the upcoming game and if he is up for that challenge)- "I definitely do.  He certainly has been to this point.  He hasn’t given up a lot of plays.  Everybody we play knows Joe is out there.  Sheldon is no slouch.  He knows how to play in this league.  He’s played for a long time and he’s a real pro.  Like I said, this an interesting six game span."