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Practice Squad Move: Browns Change Fullbacks Again

Hey look! Eddie Williams made Troy Polamalu miss!
Hey look! Eddie Williams made Troy Polamalu miss!

Nothing spells "championship" more than practice squad moves, especially when they involve fullbacks again. The Cleveland Browns released fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou from the practice squad and replaced him with fullback Eddie Williams. Williams has 2 carries for 2 yards and 1 catch for 17 yards in 3 games this season.

Do both of those names sound vaguely familiar? When the Chicago Bears originally grabbed fullback Tyler Clutts from the Browns' practice squad, Cleveland replaced him with Williams. Williams was only on the Browns' practice squad during Week 1 because the Seattle Seahawks ended up signing him to their active roster. That is when the Browns went ahead and got Ta'ufo'ou.

There have been five fullbacks in the mix for the Browns over the past season, and I still wonder how much a fullback can contribute on a practice squad, especially when you have a guy who was highly touted by the current regime (Owen Marecic) on the active roster.