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Power Play of the Week: Mike Adams' Big Hit on Owen Daniels

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There was one play that definitely stood out this past Sunday against the Houston Texans. With just over two minutes to play in the second quarter, Matt Schaub ran a playaction fake that drew the entire front seven to the left side (from the offense's perspective) of the field. Schaub then fired the ball down the middle to trusty tight end Owen Daniels. Safety Mike Adams timed a hit so perfect on Daniels -- without going to the helmet -- that it jarred the ball up into the air and into the arms of linebacker D'Qwell Jackson.

Even though the Browns were losing 21-3 at the time, as an individual play, it was probably my favorite hit on defense of the season. We don't think of Adams as an enforcer, and it is nice to see someone in our secondary make a legal hit like that. I'm still waiting for T.J. Ward to make some more of those plays since that is kind of what he was known for coming out of college.

Adams' hit couldn't have come at a better time if the Browns had any chance of turning the game around. Down by three possessions, the Texans had all the momentum following a near punt return for a touchdown by Jacoby Jones. Even though it didn't come close to changing the outcome of the game, Adams' hit is still this week's Power Play of the Week.