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Shurmur: Post-Game Thoughts, Not Including Concussion Talk

Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur met with the media on Friday to talk about the events that transpired against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday. Half of the press conference seemed to deal with the Colt McCoy concussion problems. While that is certainly a big issue, I think we've heard enough about it for now. After the jump, I've highlighted the other topics Shurmur talked about, including Mohamed Massaquoi not breaking up the interception on the last drive, the decision on the first drive's goal line offense, and more. [Read full press conference transcript here]

(On if noticed a higher intensity level from his players yesterday)- "I enjoyed coaching in that game because that to me is what football is all about. There were two teams that were battling play-to-play and I’m disappointed we came out on the short end of the score, but that’s what football is all about right there."

(On if he would have do anything differently on the two drives inside the five yard line)- "We’ve got to get in. I think once you get to the five you don’t want to go backwards. That’s number one, that would be on the second trip. Then the first series, I thought we were in. Colt did a nice job of scrambling and then he chose to run the football. One of our favorite goal-line style runs and then we didn’t execute very well and we got knocked back and that’s why I chose to take the points that early in the game. I felt like it was important there."

(On not going with a quarterback sneak on third down from the one yard line)- "I think it’s a little different there than it is like when you saw we snuck the ball twice in short yardage situations where things are a little looser. I think that’s more of when you would do it. I think it’s a good call to quarterback sneak it. We handed the ball to Peyton (Hillis) and we ran the ball to our left. We felt like we had a play call that if we executed well, would have worked. I think that’s also an effective way to score."

(On if Montario Hardesty played more throughout the rest of the game because Hillis did not get into the end zone on that first drive)- "No, none of that happened. I think for the most part they’re a very, very good team in terms of stopping the run. I think all the way around we could’ve been more efficient running it. We had one long run on a third and 20, otherwise we were battling for every inch with whoever was carrying the ball."

(On how tough it is to juggle who is going to play at running back)- "Peyton’s our starter. We’ve just got to find a way to spell him. I don’t think any of them at this point can go the whole game. That’s where we’ll be."

(On the intercepted pass intended for Mohamed Massaquoi)- "He was one-on-one in the end zone and the ball was thrown short. But, when the ball is thrown short, we’ve got to defend it."

(On if Massaquoi could have done anything differently on the intercepted pass)- "When the ball is thrown short you’ve got to try to break it up. You become a defender and try to break it up."

(On Greg Little having a few more drops yesterday and his performance)- "He didn’t have as many opportunities yesterday. On one scramble, he made a catch along the sideline. He needs to catch that ball especially the one backed when we threw him the slant. He played hard. I think everybody will say they’ve got to play better."

(On Chris Gocong’s performance during the goal-line stand)- "He made a couple plays in there that were outstanding in terms of tackling the runner. It’s a hard thing to do four times in a row right there in that short of space. If you’re going to get it done, there is one guy that typically makes the tackle, but there are a whole lot of other guys that are disrupting things. I think that was outstanding team defense right there."

(On if Gocong is best suited at strong side)- "He’s had some good games over there filling in for Scott (Fujita). He’s played well there. We’ll have to see as we move forward if he’s going to stay there or go back to WILL."

(On if teams are attacking Joe Haden more in recent games and if he isn’t playing as well as he was at the beginning of the season)- "I don’t think they’re attacking him more. The one last night, he was in tight coverage and that can be a very difficult play to defend, the back shoulder throw. I think what’s important there is you just get him on the ground. I think that will be the deal. They made a nice play and once you break the tackle it breaks out on you. We had a lot of guys committed to stopping the run at that time. You’ve got a guy with the ball in his hands who is pretty good in the open field. In terms of Joe (Haden) and his level of play, I think he’s competing and playing as hard as he did. He’s as effective as he’s been throughout."

Lots of good information this time; I actually felt he was more revealing in some of his non-McCoy talk.