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Official DBN Fantasy Football League Playoffs - Semi-Finals

The playoffs began for the Official Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League last week, with Bernie19Kosar and Brownsyup being on the bye. Sometimes it is amazing how the slight difference in the seed you finished with can make or break your chances.


  • Dawg Nuts (5th seed) defeats notthatnoise (4th seed) by a score of 144.20 to 109.78. It was an unbelievable week for Dawg Nuts, who had incredible production from the tight end position. In our league, instead of their being three mandated wide receivers, there are two mandated receivers and one flex position (either a WR, RB, or TE). Dawg Nuts chose to start both Antonio Gates and Rob Gronkowski. Combined, they had 46 points. There is your difference maker.
  • BrownDawg1409 (3rd seed) defeats Buckeye Brad (6th seed) by a score of 83.08 to 75.00. This is the polar opposite of the previous game in terms of it not being a high-scoring affair. Buckeye Brad's decision to start Ben Roethlisberger over Tony Romo cost him the game. Serves him right.


Bernie19Kosar (1st Seed) vs. Dawg Nuts (5th Seed):


I think the No. 1 seed is in a bad spot this week. Ryan Grant as the second running back is suspect, and Tom Brady producing is not a given due to what Denver's defense has accomplished lately. Meanwhile, Dawg Nuts has all of the players who are red-hot as of late, including Eli Manning, Larry Fitzgerald, and Gronkowski.

Brownsyup (2nd Seed) vs. BrownDawg1409 (3rd Seed):


This match-up is about the quarterbacks, because Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers will have huge games this week. At other positions, these teams are pretty evenly matched. The "X-factor" could hinge on whether Titans running back Chris Johnson is able to "go off" on the Colts, or have another one of his disappearing acts.

Vote in the poll below for who you think will end up meeting in the Championship next week!