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Cleveland Browns Week 13 Fantasy Starts/Sits

Even though they will be without linebacker Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens are still a tough and intimidating defense. With the Browns' offense looking more and more competent as each week goes by, is it worth starting any of their players in your fantasy leagues this week?

  • QB Colt McCoy - Hopefully we don't need to bring in a quarterback off of our bench this week. McCoy has been better protected in my opinion the past several weeks, but they'll be taking on a defense that just sacked Alex Smith an incredible nine times. They lead the league in sacks. McCoy will not light up the Ravens' defense, and if you are banking on him this late in your fantasy season, chances are you're not contending for the playoffs.
  • RB Peyton Hillis - The Ravens are one of the top run defenses still, which will make things tough for Hillis. I think he'll run hard and have a productive day, but I can't imagine him eclipsing 100+ yards like he did once last season. I imagine he'll have a tough, physical day running the ball, but with similar productivity that he had against the Bengals. For fantasy purposes, that's not great, but he's still a decent play because he is Hillis.
  • WR Greg Little, WR Joshua Cribbs, WR Jordan Norwood - We've seen some varying levels of fantasy productivity with these three receivers over the past two weeks. It will be tough already for any of them to break away from the Ravens' defense. And, if one of them does, how do you pick from the three? Simply put, don't start any of the Browns' receivers.
  • K Phil Dawson - New holder, no problem? Dawson is a pro, and I think he'll be focuses on the kick and not the snap, as long as the snap doesn't get rolled in there or fly over the holder's head.
  • DEF Cleveland - For as good as the Ravens have been record-wise, their offensive inconsistencies (i.e. losing to the Jaguars) makes Cleveland look like a pretty good play defensively. They aren't a great play, but they are a decent pickup if your regular defense is facing an offensive powerhouse this week.