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Jauron: Sheard's Progress, and the Depth Behind Sheldon Brown

Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron met with the media on Wednesday. One of the primary topics that came up was the continuous praise for rookie defensive end Jabaal Sheard. Jauron was also asked about the reps that Dimitri Patterson and Buster Skrine saw ahead of Sheldon Brown last week. [Read full press conference transcript here]

(On Jabaal Sheard’s overall progress)- "Jabaal is an outstanding player really in every aspect of the game. I believe he’s just going to get better too as time goes on. He’s very into it, very tough, he likes to compete. He competes quickly. He recognizes things quickly and he reacts to them very quickly. He doesn’t have to stop and think, he reacts. Sometimes he’s not in the right place, that’s true of everybody. Sometimes he gets knocked out of his gap, that’s true of everybody. In general, he plays the run very well and rushes the passer well. He’s into what he’s doing. He is not a giant defensive end, but most tight ends can’t handle him. That’s what we’re looking for on the edge. If our defensive ends can be blocked by a tight end, we’re going to struggle. He does a very nice job of controlling the tight ends. Tackles are significantly bigger than him, but he’s quicker. He’s generally much quicker than they are."

(On if he is surprised that Sheard has been able to be successful all year long)-"I would say no just because we liked him so much in the draft. We liked him enough to draft him that high. You have to believe he’s got those skills and he consistently does it. I think he’s just a really good player. He’s probably underappreciated at this point. There are lots of big number pass rushers. Jabaal’s a very good football player. Obviously I don’t hang around with him, but he appears to be a really good teammate. That’s what you’re hoping for. It’s what you want to have. You want to have really good players that are really great teammates and then you’ve got a chance to win."

(On if they teach Jabaal Sheard about strip-sacks because he ranks so high in the league)- "I know Pee-Wee (Dwaine Board) does a great job of working with them. Pee-Wee’s got a lot of experience s that helps him. The guy’s got a knack. Probably at every position I’m sure, there are things you can help them with and things that they’re born with. He’s born with some of those things. Pee-Wee helps him with technique things and emphasizes things that works with them. Jabaal’s done a really good job doing that."

(On what kind of season Jayme Mitchell is having)- "Jayme’s done okay. He’s had a number of injuries that have slowed him down. They kind of accumulated on him over the year. I think that’s affected his play to some degree. He’s a guy that works at it. He’s a consistent effort guy for us and has done a decent job."

(On what he saw from Dimitri Patterson and Buster Skrine on the outside when they replaced Sheldon Brown)- "We’ve got two younger guys. Dimitri’s obviously older than Buster, but Dimitri hasn’t had a lot of time out there. We really like them both and would like to see them both play a little more outside so we kind of moved him in a couple of times. We gave Sheldon rest in a couple of series and we’ll probably continue to do it. We like those guys and have an opportunity to look at them in the next couple of games kind of the same way."

(On if Sheldon Brown has another year or two left in him)- "I haven’t thought about that. We’ve got two more games left to play. I know he’s played well. He’s very smart obviously. He’s a savvy corner. He’s very skilled and doesn’t waste a lot of movement, tremendous ball skills, ability to get his hand on the ball. He avoids the contact with the receiver, gets through and gets his hand on the ball. He’s as good as I’ve seen that in that area and a smart guy, proud player."

(On if there was miscommunication on Larry Fitzgerald’s catch at the end of the game last week)- "There was no miscommunication. Unfortunately they just ended up misplaying it on the field."