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Pro Football Focus: Nuggets from the Cardinals Game

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Each week, Pro Football Focus takes a quick look back at each of the game's that took place in the previous week and analyzes them. Their review of the Browns vs. Cardinals game is now live. After the jump is a recap of some of the interesting things had to say, along with my own commentary.

  • Do you remember hearing about defensive end Jayme Mitchell against the Cardinals? There were a lot of defensive standouts against Arizona, but Mitchell was not one of them, according to PFF. They ripped him so much that I feel I need to link to their comments on him in full:
    You may not have realized this, but Jayme Mitchell (-4.7) actually played 53 snaps against the Cardinals. A Cardinals team that features Levi Brown, the lowest rated left tackle in our Pass Blocking Efficiency ranking heading into the week. So Mitchell, who had two sacks against Jake Long earlier in the year (just how injured was Long?) may have expected to turn around his slumping season. He didn’t. In fact he didn’t even make a contribution on the stat sheet as Brown swallowed him up in the pass game, and Jeff King had fun moving him about in the run game. I hate to say such definitively negative things but Mitchell is hands down the worst starting defensive end in the league. It’s frankly ridiculous the Browns thought that Mitchell could hold up to the heavy workload they’ve expected of him.
  • PFF praised backup quarterback Seneca Wallace for making the offense look "more functional" than it did under Colt McCoy. They noted the following statistic for Wallace when the blitz was brought: "13 times the Cardinals sent five or more men and the results were an impressive 9-of-13 for 148 yards and a touchdown." Of course, a lot of that yardage came on Wallace's big touchdown throw to Greg Little.
  • Despite having a tough match-up against defensive tackle Darnell Dockett, offensive guard Shawn Lauvao continued his stretch of positive performances in the second half of the season; PFF specifically cites the Arizona game as Lauvao's best game to date.
  • Wide receiver Greg Little broke three tackles during the game. PFF claims that Little is now tied for the league-lead on the season in broken tackles for receivers with 14 (the other is the Panthers' Steve Smith). Other neat statistics from PFF: the Browns only missed one tackle all game, and they blitzed Skelton 12 times (he was 3-of-12 for 25 yards and 3 sacks on those plays).