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Steelers vs. Browns Finale Moved to 4:15 PM EST

This announcement was actually made on Christmas Eve, but I really didn't pick up on it until early this morning. As a part of the NFL's flex scheduling, the Cleveland Browns' season finale at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers has been moved to a 4:15 PM EST start time. The league also moved the Ravens vs. Bengals finale to the same time slot. The reason both games take place at the same time is an effort by the league to ensure all teams play their best players. For example, if the outcome of the Ravens game was known at 1:00 PM EST, it might give Pittsburgh the advantage of resting all of their players.

The other "big change" in terms of flex scheduling sees the Cowboys meeting the Giants on Sunday Night Football, where the winner makes the playoffs and the loser is out. Last year, the league had a similar scenario with the Seahawks facing the Rams in the final game of the season.

Does the 4:15 PM EST start time on New Year's Day change anything for you? I guess if you had a little too much the previous night, it'll give you a couple more hours to recuperate.