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Shurmur Will Talk About Colt McCoy on Wednesday, Says Phil Taylor Won't Make Same Mistake

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Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur met with the local media on Monday to discuss a few things from this past Saturday's game against the Baltimore Ravens. He also provided a few updates on quarterback Colt McCoy, as well as the mistake made by Phil Taylor, the mess at the end of the first half, and Kaluka Maiava breaking his hand. [Read full press conference transcript here]

(Opening statement) – "Usually, I touch on injuries here after the game. From the game we actually pulled out of it pretty well. Kaluka (Maiava) is in a cast though, he broke his hand, but there is a very good chance he’ll still be able to play. He’s a tough guy. Otherwise, we’ve got some guys banged up, but no worse for wear after coming out of a physical AFC North contest."

(On if there are any Colt McCoy updates) – "We’ll talk about Colt and his status when we get to Wednesday. But, he was in today and was in all the meetings."

(On if McCoy has been medically cleared to practice) – "He will. We’ll talk more about that on Wednesday."

(On if McCoy can play this week) – "We will be able to know whether he can practice on Wednesday. So at this point, we’re not practicing so I’ll just leave it at that. If he’s able to practice on Wednesday there’s a chance he could play."

(On if McCoy will be the starting quarterback if he is healthy on Sunday) – "I can’t cross that bridge yet. We’ll know more Wednesday when we start practicing for the Steelers and then we’ll talk about it then. I’m not trying to be vague, that’s the case."

(On if McCoy is still experiencing symptoms from the concussion) – "Colt worked out today and was in all the meetings."

(On if his physical activity changed or increased in the last week) – "He’s making improvements."

(On if McCoy can speak to the media) – "I don’t think he’s been cleared to practice yet. That would be no."

(On if he could break down the 3rd and five and 4th and five plays in the fourth quarter) – "There were five guys in a route. First one, Peyton (Hillis), they blitzed us and didn’t cover him in the flat. We’ve got to a better job of getting the play executed. The next one, they played man coverage and we could have done a better job, just generally speaking, but we’re trying to complete the ball for more than five yards, that’s what we’re trying to do."

(On if he spoke to Phil Taylor) – "Obviously, prior to that, they were in a spot where we knew that was going to happen. They were going to try and draw us off sides and in our opinion, it was too long to kick a field goal, which would have left us half a field if they missed it. We felt like they would try to draw us off sides and then punt the football. That’s what we felt like was going to happen. They didn’t get to their second play. Again, we need to be smarter."

(On if he talked to Taylor about what happened) – "He was pretty well aware of the fact it was a screw up and he was, obviously, disappointed about the way things transpired. I would venture to say that will never happen to him again."

(On Wallace accepting full blame for running the ball in that situation) – "As the head coach, I’ve got to do a better job of making sure that in those situations it gets done right, okay? That’s the deal and the way we had that planned, we had a timeout, we had a two play sequence designed to get the first and then throw a pass that would go in the end zone or get us out of bounds. When we recognized we didn’t get out of bounds, then you go into that scenario."

(On if Evan Moore should’ve done something different on the play where he didn’t get out of bounds) – "He caught the ball in the flat and he was fighting to get out of bounds. I’m getting clarification on that."

(On if he thinks the things that have happened this year might not happen again if they hire an offensive coordinator to help alleviate pressure) – "We don’t talk about these things when you win games. We don’t. Hopefully, we’re talking about other things and I think that’s what you’re looking for. That’s the important thing. It’s very important when you’re working with a group of men that are very prideful, that everybody assumes responsibility for the good and the bad. I want a team that’s going to accept responsibility when they screw up. This is a game of mistakes and you try to eliminate the ones that cost you games and then deflect the praise. That’s my style. I think that’s what I’d like to see from our team."