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Week 17 NFL TV Distribution Maps (Steelers vs. Browns)


Calling the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns game this Sunday are Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots on CBS. I'm sure a lot of you will be thrilled to hear the "Wisdom of Solomon" as he sings the praises of the Steelers all game long.

The upper and eastern parts of Ohio get to see the Browns game this week, as well as most of Pennsylvania and West Virgina. Some cities get to see four morning/afternoon games this week since both networks have doubleheaders. If you live in the Cleveland area, these are the games you will see this Sunday (after the jump). [See Week 17 TV Distribution Maps here]


1:00 PM Games
-New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins (CBS)
-Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints (FOX)

4:00 PM Games
-Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns (CBS)

8:30 PM Games
-Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants (NBC)