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RG III - Baylor Bowl Game Thread (for Browns Fans)

(On if he’ll watch Robert Griffin III play tonight)- "Oh yeah, once our day is over and we have the plan in. I’ll find a way to watch some of that game, I’m sure."

(On if he’s seen Griffin play this year)- "I’ve watched him."

(On what he thinks of Griffin)- "He’s a tremendous talent, good player."

(On if Griffin fits the West Coast)- "Good players at all positions fit every offense. That’s just the way it works."

Those were questions posed to Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur during Thursday's press conference with the media. It is no secret that Robert Griffin III of Baylor could be a quarterback who Browns fans will be calling for come April. Will his performance against Washington in the Alamo Bowl tonight make drafting him any more intriguing?

Use this as an open thread to discuss RG III's performance, or you can use it as a general open thread for the bowl games going on in general.