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Ed Reed Compares Hillis to Alstott; Browns' Defense Needs More Turnovers

For the past couple of weeks, the Browns' defense has come so close to putting a game away before the team ends up losing. We've seen Joe Haden drop a few interceptions, Chris Gocong not be able to come away with a pick, and just some other opportunities slip away from the Browns. Linebacker D'Qwell Jackson (via the News Herald) knows emphasized how important it is that the defense start coming away with more turnovers:

"We have to cut down on the self-inflicted wounds," Jackson said. "On defense, we have to cause more turnovers. Earlier in the season, we were able to get our hands on a bunch of batted balls. We've kind of gotten away from that. We're going to focus more on that and do what we can on our part and try to put a team win together."

When defensive end Jabaal Sheard forced a first-half fumble last week, it led to a quick touchdown for the Browns' offense.

On another note, Baltimore safety Ed Reed was asked a few questions about the Browns in a recent press conference. Here is what he had to say about Browns running back Peyton Hillis and his physical running style:

"He’s a power runner. It reminds me of Tampa Bay when they had [Mike] Alstott back there. He kind of looks the same. That’s what you’re going to get with Peyton. He’s a helluva back. I know he’s got some contract stuff that he’s trying to work out and it’s difficult playing under those circumstances. He has to be able to weed out the difference and play ball. I know he’s been hurt with the hamstring and that’s tough on a big guy like that. That definitely slows him down. He looks like he’s 100 percent now after watching him in the Cincinnati game. We know we have a task with tackling that guy. He’s a hassle, but we’re definitely prepared for the task."