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Official DBN Fantasy Football Winner

The Championship game in the Official DBN Fantasy Football League occurred in Week 16, featuring Bernie19Kosar vs. Brownsyup. The margin of victory was less than six points, so it was far from a blowout. With that said, congratulations to...Bernie19Kosar for taking home the trophy by a final score of 94.06 - 88.32!

Bernie was lifted by strong efforts by Tom Brady, Ray Rice, and DeAngelo Williams. Brownsyup, meanwhile, had a great game by Aaron Rodgers, but nobody else really stepped up to be a difference maker. Ultimately, Brownsyup lost this match because of his lack of late-season depth at the running back position. His running backs, Danny Woodhead and Ryan Mathews, netted him less than ten points. If Darren McFadden or Marion Barber had been available, they probably score enough points to push him past Bernie.

As for the rest of the trophies...

1st Place: Bernie19Kosar
2nd Place: Brownsyup
3rd Place: BrownDawg1409
Regular Season Winner: Bernie19Kosar

I'm not sure if the other league winners want to set up a pool to have some type of three-way faceoff with each other. Like last year, the winners of the other leagues will have open invitations to take part in next year's "official" league!