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Shurmur Talks About (Not) Stopping the Ravens' Run Game, and More

Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur met with the local media on Monday, the beginning of a short work week in preparation for Thursday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. There were still some things to discuss regarding the team's loss to the Ravens though, particularly how easily Baltimore ran the ball. Shurmur's response? The defense still managed to get some important stops. [Read full press conference transcript here]

(On what jumped out about the run defense from yesterday) – "We let them have some explosive runs, which you can’t have. There’s going to be times when the runners going to break through the linebacker level and you’ve got to get them on the ground. Then there are other times when they just picked away at us. There’s a mixture of things there that we need to cleanup."

(On if yesterday showed that the team has a long way to go to match up with Baltimore and Pittsburgh) – "Based on last night’s performance against Baltimore, yes. I like to think that you’re never as bad or never as good after a performance."

(On how disconcerting was it for the Ravens to run the ball and not be able to stop them) – "Well, we just need to do a better job. I don’t know what word I’ll use other than we need to do a better job at stopping the run and you have to keep teams from scoring points. We found a way, basically, it was two touchdowns and a field goal. That’s the important thing, eliminating scores and the important thing is to score."

(On if it was an odd game defensively) – "Like I said, it’s about eliminating the score. When you give up yardage and that’s why the raw yardage numbers aren’t always an indicator. Now, it was last night in some ways, but when you get them stopped that’s the important thing. Get them stopped and disallow them from scoring."

(On his message to the fans who may have lost faith and if he saw the empty seats in the stands) – "I don’t know. I was pretty much concerned about what was going on, on the field. I understand why that happens. It was raining, it was cold, and we were down. I understand why that happens. I don’t lose faith on things. I would hope and I would think that the fans won’t as well. We’re busting our fanny to get this thing right and it will get right."

(On how he feels McCoy played this past week) – "He battled. He battled."

(On the schedule for a Thursday night game) – "We’re meeting today. Really there’s not much you can do on the cleanup from Baltimore, so we just move right on to Pittsburgh. We’ve planned ahead on off days, not so much last week, but we’ve got a jump on what we need to get done. We will have meetings, a walk-through, because it’s also important that we try to get their bodies right for a short turnaround. We will practice tomorrow and then have more practice on Wednesday, get on a plane and go down there. It’s quick, but I’m used to it. I know how the schedule is supposed to look. We did it in Philadelphia a couple of times. I’m aware of how to do it."

(On his message to fans) – "I think it’s just like everything you do. You just keep plugging ahead and this thing will turn when we least expect it. We just keep pushing. You just keep pushing. Again, I saw some eyes roll in here, so I can tell that maybe doesn’t sink in real well. But, I will say this all you do is keep pushing. I don’t have the memory of what’s happened before. I do know this though, I’ve been around teams that have won and have built winners. You just be patient."