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SB Nation Mock Draft: Browns Still Drafting Da'Quan Bowers

Did anyone's performance improve so much at the Senior Bowl that it shook up the top part of the draft board for the Cleveland Browns? Apparently not, according to SB Nation's Brian Galliford, who still has the Browns drafting DE Da'Quan Bowers in his most recent mock draft posted yesterday:

6. Cleveland Browns: Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson. Dick Jauron is Cleveland's new defensive coordinator, and early signs are that the Browns will be moving back to the 4-3. If Bowers is available to them, he'd have to be the pick, as Cleveland isn't equipped with personnel that could handle end in that system, aside from free agent Matt Roth.

I don't think I could complain about the pick, especially if the Browns do end up confirming they are switching to a 4-3 defense. With that said, I would still be a bit disappointed that the Browns could not land wide receiver A.J. Green, who Galliford has going to the Cincinnati Bengals at No. 4 overall.

One big change that Galliford has after the Senior Bowl is the fact that none of the quarterbacks are going in the top 10, and those who are in the first round have been shuffled around. If you are interested in doing a comparison, here is Galliford's mock draft from a week ago.