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Shaun Rogers Drawing Interest From Other Teams

A day after being released by the Cleveland Browns, defensive lineman Shaun Rogers has been somewhat of a hot topic of discussion for fans around the NFL. A healthy Rogers would no doubt help any team he plays for, but his lack of durability might a team from throwing a lot of money at him.

The No. 1 suitor seems to be the Washington Redskins, according to reports. The Redskins are basically trying to find a replacement for Albert Haynesworth after his mess with Mike Shanahan last season. Here is what our SB Nation Redskins affiliate, Hogs Haven, has to say about Rogers: Pros and Cons for Signing Rogers.

Washington is the only team confirmed to be interested, but beat reporters for the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans also point out that the big man can help their teams next season. In Dallas, Rogers would have a connection to former Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, although I'm not sure that would be much of an incentive for him.