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Cavaliers Finally Win and Tom Heckert Talks About Cuts

The streak is over. After losing 26 consecutive games, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally snapped their streak and defeated the Los Angeles Clippers at home just before they were set for an epic "battle of the losers" against the Washington Wizards this weekend. I know this isn't directly related to Browns news, but it might as well have been. It is tiring to have fans from other cities make fun of Cleveland and the constant losing, so maybe this victory will finally take some of the negative attention off of the team. For more on the celebration, head on over to Fear the Sword.

In Browns-related news, general manager Tom Heckert spoke about the team's recent roster cuts to the Plain Dealer. As expected, one of the primary reasons for the moves was age:

"It's a combination of a lot of things, but age is the main thing," Heckert said. "One of our goals is to get younger."

When asked about Rogers, Heckert's response made it seem like he did not want to deal with a disgruntled player as the team goes through defensive changes next season:

"Shaun's whole thing -- and he's stated a million times -- is that he's never been on a team that's any good. Every team he's ever been on has been bad. Right or wrong, I think it's taken a toll on him."