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Ray Rhodes Brought Aboard as Senior Assistant

The Cleveland Browns finished assembling their new coaching staff Monday, most notably with the addition of Ray Rhodes as a senior assistant coach for defense. Rhodes was a head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers in the late-90s. He served as a defensive coordinator under Mike Holmgren in Seattle for a couple of years, and since 2008 he was a defensive assistant for the Houston Texans.

One thing you can say is that Pat Shurmur has been surrounded with guys who have a lot of coaching experience, something that hopefully will ease him through his first season with the Browns. The rest of the Browns' coaching hires can be found here, as well as those coaches who are returning from last season. Don't get your hopes up for seeing an offensive coordinator listed; that role still belongs to Shurmur.

Hat tip to BoiseBrown, whose FanShot can be found here.