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Joe Haden Witnesses a Cavaliers Win

I thought I was unnecessarily excited after the Cleveland Cavaliers ended their 26-game losing streak last week against the Clippers. Imagine how I feel after the team's awesome win over the Los Angeles Lakers, as Ramon Sessions had a breakout game off the bench and the rest of the team played together for arguably the team's best game of the season (maybe aside from their first meeting with the Boston Celtics).

How does this fit the Cleveland Browns? Well, rookie cornerback Joe Haden was in attendance, as seen in the picture to the right. If you recall, after Haden was drafted by the Browns in 2010, he noted that he was very excited to possibly meet LeBron James. That was before The Decision, so it's good to see the players on the Cavs getting healthy and playing at a much higher level than they have all season.

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