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Will Cleveland Show Interest in DT Marcus Stroud?

In 2001, Shaun Rogers was drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft.
In 2001, Marcus Stroud was drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.

In 2008, Shaun Rogers was acquired by the Cleveland Browns for a third round pick (and Leigh Bodden).
In 2008, Marcus Stroud was acquired by the Buffalo Bills for a third- and fifth-round pick.

In 2011, Shaun Rogers was released by the Cleveland Browns.
In 2011, Marcus Stroud was released by the Buffalo Bills.

Clearly there are a lot of similarities here between Rogers and Stroud, even beyond the things listed above. Both players are getting up their in age, both players failed to have a significant impact last season, both players have been to three Pro Bowls, and both players were averaging around $5 million+ a year on their contracts. If Cleveland just released Rogers, is there any reason they should be interested in Stroud?

Here are some benefits Stroud has over Rogers:

  • Stroud has been relatively healthy in his career compared to Rogers.
  • He is fit for a 4-3 defense and was asked to play a new role in Buffalo's 3-4 system last year. It did not utilize Stroud's strengths, but a shift back to the 4-3 for the 310 pounder could help.
  • Although he is coming off of having a huge contract, he is not as "dominant" of a player as Rogers can be. I think there's a chance he could command a lower contract and won't have some of the "motivational" issues that seemed to surround Rogers in the past (note: I personally did not have a problem with him).
  • After Dick Jauron (now the defensive coordinator of the Browns) failed to land Rogers in 2008 for Buffalo, he acquired Stroud instead. Stroud has two years of experience in Jauron's defense and could be the type of player who "plays along" with his former head coach more than Rogers would have.

What do you think? Is there any benefit to trying to sign Stroud, or would you see it as being senseless considering we just got rid of Rogers?

Hat tip to LondonBrown for giving me the inspiration to make this post.