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Eric Mangini to the UFL? James Walker Says, 'No'

A few days ago, former Cleveland Browns head coach Chris Palmer was hired as the new offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans, leaving his position as head coach of the UFL's Hartford Colonials. Who are the Colonials seeking as their new head coach? Apparantly, they would love to score Eric Mangini:

"He is one of the people we would hope to talk to," Colonials owner Bill Mayer said of Mangini this week. "What comes out of that, I don't know. I've been looking at our Facebook site, and it certainly has generated a lot of conversation. He's a Connecticut native and he's had experience. Whether we end up doing anything with him or not, we haven't sat down yet, so it’s not at all clear whether this timing would work for him. That doesn’t mean we're in negotiations or that he's going to be the next coach, but he's certainly on the list."

James Walker of ESPN quickly points out that it is not likely we'll see Mangini go to the "minor leagues" of the UFL, especially when he is already getting paid by the Browns still over the next two years. Walker suggests that Mangini will stick to more relaxed roles, such as being a television analyst or a consultant for a team, until the Browns stop paying him.