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Position-by-Position Breakdown of Browns' Base Salary Figures

Based on the contract information listed at RotoWorld, here is what the Cleveland Browns have invested when it comes to base salary figures for the 2011 NFL season. Note that this does not include bonuses. That information might be available elsewhere on the Internet, but would require some further digging.

A couple of weeks ago, it was said that the Browns had a salary cap figure of $99.2 million. With the release of six veteran players about a week ago, that supposedly knocked $16.24 million off of that amount, which would bring Cleveland to around $82.86 million. If there is a salary cap this season, it might be capped around $135 million.

If RotoWorld is accurate, then the base salaries only account for $46.57 of that $82.86 million figure. Whether or not those bonuses are earned will come down to if players are still on the team beyond a certain date, so you can almost view it as guaranteed money.


Position Salary Notes
Quarterback $5.805 million The Browns can hack nearly all of this amount off by cutting ties with Jake Delhomme. Seneca Wallace is listed as a FA.
Running Back $960,000 Hillis and Hardesty account for a small amount given our expectations for both backs next season.
Full Back N/A This will obviously change once the Browns offer (hopefully) a contract to Lawrence Vickers.
Wide Receiver $3.697 million Joshua Cribbs accounts for about 1/4 of this figure. None of our receivers are really paid anything outrageous, but the total figure is so high because so many guys are on the roster.
Tight End $2.400 million This whole amount is credited to Ben Watson.
Offensive Line $18.279 million The bulk of Cleveland's money is invested here. One thing you might not realize? Tony Pashos is scheduled to make $2.2 million. Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach make up almost the entire rest of the amount.
Defensive Line $1.620 million This figure is so low after the Browns released Shaun Rogers and Kenyon Coleman. For a comparison, the Bengals have $14.68 million invested here. We should see the biggest percentage change in this figure by the start of next season.
Linebackers $4.000 million This amount fails to include D'Qwell Jackson, Chris Gocong, Matt Roth, or Marcus Benard, all of whom need to be decided on.
Cornerbacks $6.138 million Sheldon Brown has the highest base salary, but Joe Haden should be making more overall money if you add in a roster bonus.
Safeties $2.205 million Mike Adams and Ray Ventrone make a good chunk of change for being backups.
Special Teams $1.465 million Will Phil Dawson return for 2011?