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DBN Help Wanted - Looking for Writers

Do you like initiating discussion about the Cleveland Browns? Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'd like to post something original, but I'd hate to see it get buried in a comment or a FanPost?" Now is your chance to contribute to one of the leading Browns blogs on the Internet, Dawgs By Nature.



Dawgs By Nature is looking to add writer(s) who will post to the front page of the site. As some of you already know, the network's goal for this site has been revised to push out multiple posts per day. As the site's only everyday writer, it is difficult to dedicate time to more "original" articles when I have to make sure I push out the posts with less "depth" in them.

Almost every other SB Nation NFL blog has more than one writer who contribute to front-page posting daily. In that sense, I guess you can say I am among the last in a dying breed. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it does not mean I am looking for others to come aboard solely for the purpose of posting junk. When the work is divided up a little more though, each person has more time to dedicate to their fewer posts, raising everyone's quality in the long run (example: see Blogging the Boys and Cincy Jungle).


Here is what I am looking for in applicants:

  • First off, you have to be interested because you want to do it as a hobby. This is not a paying position, but if you are interested in pursuing writing or media-related ventures in the future, this could certainly act as a resume booster.
  • I am definitely looking for people who feel they can post at least once per day. If you say you will be able to do it, make sure you are certain that you can do it. I need to have the feeling that I can depend on your post so that I can focus my attention on doing better research in my articles. I am primarily looking for people who can make this commitment.
  • If you cannot make the above commit but feel you can still post at least 3-4 times per week, feel free to reach out to me. If I find a scenario where two guys say they can contribute 3-4 times per week and can be counted on, that can make up for not having a "once per day" person.
  • I might consider once- or twice-a-week writers if you feel you can push out a good regular column/article on a certain day. But, you'd have to remain committed to posting on the days you specify. For example, if you say, "Every Friday...", then I'd better see it every Friday!
  • You must have good grammar and a good understanding of the English language. You don't need to be a masterful writer, but if there are punctuation and spelling errors every few sentences, it reflects more so on the credibility of the website than it does as a comment.
  • No previous experience is necessary, except for the fact that you should be a die-hard Browns fan.

Contributing Ideas

Take a look around some of the SB Nation NFL sites if you are scratching your head on what to write about. You can talk about player performances from this past season, your opinion on specific players, the latest news about the Browns or other teams in the league, potential free agents, anything related to the draft, polls about Browns topics, etc. You don't have to be a "niche" writer (i.e. if you like doing X's and O's, you don't have to limit yourself to that); feel free to cover a broad range of topics on a daily basis.

I am also interested in shuffling "Around the AFC North" off to someone who can do it multiple times per week. It might seem like an easy post to do and I don't put much of my own input into it, but it still takes time to look up recent news, decide if it is important enough, etc.

How to Get Involved

If you're interested in applying, send me an email at If you're a regular member, it'll be easier for me to decide if your writing style fits in with what we're looking for. If you are more of a lurker, don't hesitate to "try out."

Be sure to tell me your commitment level, and if you want to, let me know and special topics you want to write about, etc. Most importantly, to everyone, please do not be offended if I do not select you. If you volunteered a year and half ago, please re-apply because I had some interesting candidates back then who just had commitment questions.

If you are NOT interested in applying but WOULD like to see more weekly features, list what features you'd like to see in the comments section to give ideas to others. Thanks, and GO BROWNS!!!

-Chris Pokorny