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Colt McCoy's Shoulder Was Not 100 Percent

Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy was interviewed on the Dan Patrick radio show earlier today. The two talked about McCoy's first season, his future with the club, and a key to beating the Pittsburgh Steelers (stay away from Troy Polamalu), but one of the more intriguing notes that came up involved his shoulder:

"I’m still sort of recovering from the injury," he said. "I wasn’t completely 100 percent healed. There’s some times it still bothers me. I think this offseason of just completely focusing on healing my shoulder and getting it 100 percent will be good for me."

The injury that McCoy is referring to is the one that occurred in his final college game at Texas in the BCS title game versus Alabama. McCoy could not feel his arm after the play and was knocked out of the game. With possibly an extended offseason to rest, it will be interesting to see if McCoy's arm strength improves next season. During the interview, McCoy also stated that he was looking forward to being the Browns' starting quarterback and getting acclimated to the West Coast offense under new head coach Pat Shurmur.

You can listen to the full interview here. Hat tip to DontCallMeJoey for pointing me to the story in his FanShot.