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Pluto: Browns Interested in Keeping Dawson, Wallace, and Jackson

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In Terry Pluto's weekly column, he talked about a few of the unrestricted free agents that the Cleveland Browns are interested in re-signing for next season. Those players include kicker Phil Dawson, quarterback Seneca Wallace, and linebacker D'Qwell Jackson.

According to Pluto, here are the reasons the Browns are interested in bringing back each of the three players:

-Phil Dawson: He has stuck with the team through several regime changes and not having received a contract during that time. Pluto says that Heckert and the new coach staff "have an appreciation for Dawson's ability to make kicks in Cleveland's weather."

-Seneca Wallace: Pluto believes the team's "sales pitch" to Wallace will be like this:

Their sales pitch to the backup quarterback is this: A) We are switching to the West Coast offense, which is your offense. B) We know you and like you. C) You are backing up a young quarterback in Colt McCoy, and you could be needed if he's hurt or some other problem arises. D) This is the best place to continue your career, unless you are given a true chance to start elsewhere.

That seems to make sense, since I don't see many teams openly awarding Wallace a role as a starting quarterback. If he accepts the fact that he will be a backup (something he did for awhile in Seattle), then he knows he has a team president that likes him and an offensive system he is familiar with and can come off the bench and perform relatively well in. With that said, if you keep Wallace, I see no reason to keep Jake Delhomme under his current base salary.

-D'Qwell Jackson: Quite simply, if the Browns feel the price is right (aided by the fact he has missed most of the past two years), they would like to have him in their 4-3 defense.

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