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Around the Pound (2/21): Cribbs' Twitter Fiasco, Seneca Wallace Wants an Opportunity

In tonight's edition of Around the Pound, we take a look at the Twitter controversy involving Joshua Cribbs, where Bryan Cox has found new work, what free agent Seneca Wallace has to say about next year and the Browns, a quick update on the NFL PA and the labor meetings, and more.


Joshua Cribbs Makes a Bad PR Move

If you have listened to local talk radio at all day, then I'm sure you have heard about the fiasco involving Joshua Cribbs at the NBA All-Star Game. If you haven't heard, here is the short version of the story:

Dan Gilbert gave his owners tickets to Cribbs to attend the game. Cribbs then tweeted a picture of LeBron James at the All-Star game with the subtitle, "My Boy." Here is the picture.

That's it. Personally, I don't care less about the comment, and I don't agree with so many fans lashing out at Cribbs. With that said, given the fact that Cribbs was in Gilbert's seats and the big "feud" between Gilbert, the Cleveland fans, and James, it probably wasn't the best public relations move for Cribbs to post such a picture.

Bryan Cox Signs on With Miami Dolphins

Former Browns defensive line coach Bryan Cox has been hired by the team he used to play for, the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins hired Cox under the title, "Pass Rush Coach," where he will work with the defensive line and linebackers. I have never heard of such a title, but it seems to make sense to have a guy who can act as a bridge between both positions.

Seneca Wallace Wants an Opportunity to Start

This falls under the category of, "duh, if you don't have the ambition to start, then why are you in the NFL?" Nonetheless, here is the soundbyte from Seneca Wallace, courtesy of an interview with Pro Football Weekly:

In a recent interview with PFW, Wallace, who's started 18 games in eight NFL seasons, said he wants an "opportunity to lead a team." He said it was "kind of early to tell" whether that opportunity would come with the Browns, but Wallace said he liked the West Coast offense — similar to the scheme in which he played in Seattle — that new head coach Pat Shurmur would be installing. Wallace said that he has not been told who would be the starter in Cleveland. "If I do go back (to Cleveland), hopefully it's a chance to compete for the starting position," he said.

The vibe Wallace has been providing seems to indicate that he is in favor of the new offensive direction Cleveland is headed toward. That still leads me to believe he'll be back with the club in 2011.

Scott Fujita and the CBA Talks

Don't forget that Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, an executive member of the NFL Players Association, will be right in the thick of many of the collective bargaining agreement talks. In the link above, you'll see a picture of Fujita from the AP as he heads toward CBA meetings.

Off-Beat Notes

  • I know some of you have expressed some frustration with how the quicker pace of front page posts has made it more difficult to stay up-to-date on posts or has made it less attractive to carry on long conversations. Your concerns have definitely been noted, and your feedback has been passed along. I hope you are able to stick with DBN, because you guys will always make up the heart and soul of the site!
  • The warm weather spoiled me last week. Waking up to fallen tree branches due to a thick coating of ice layered on everything was a unique but worrisome sight. I don't mind winter, but I've had enough of it. Bring on some warmer weather and Indians baseball!
  • President Barack Obama will be at Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center tomorrow. Plan your commutes accordingly in case the traffic ends up being even more hectic than usual.