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Mike Holmgren Talks About the Combine and Drafting a Quarterback

Team president Mike Holmgren and other members of the Browns staff arrived at the NFL Scouting Combine Wednesday. The Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi caught up with Holmgren and was able to ask him some questions about what the team will be looking for.

"I'm also looking for a home-run hitter," Holmgren said, pointedly.

When I think of home-run hitters in football, I think of players on offense, particularly running backs and wide receivers. Could that indicate that the Browns are leaning further toward A.J. Green or Julio Jones as opposed to a defensive lineman? Holmgren also told Grossi that the team will make their selection based upon the best player available on their board.

The other interesting nugget from the article? When asked about drafting a quarterback, Holmgren said that drafting a quarterback in a later round could be counted on. He would serve as a developmental prospect, not a contender for Colt McCoy's starting role.