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Around the AFC North (2/24): Walker Takes a Look at the Combine

ESPN's AFC North reporter James Walker took a look at what positions each team in the division should be targeting. Rather than doing a traditional version of Around the AFC North, I'll summarize what Walker had to say about each team.

  • Quarterback: The Bengals are the only team with a real chance of taking a quarterback early on, but that depends on how serious the Bengals think Carson Palmer is.
  • Offensive Linemen: Every team in the draft would like to make some form of an upgrade on the offensive line, but Walker sees the Steelers and Ravens in particular trying to upgrade within the first two rounds.
  • Pass Rushers: The Ravens, Browns, and Bengals should all be interested, potentially with their first-round picks. The Browns and the Bengals pick within the first six selections, while the Ravens have to wait until the end of round one.
  • Secondary: The Ravens and Steelers will be seeking help in the secondary pretty early in the draft, probably within the first three rounds.

It'll be interesting to see whether each team in the division seems to be scouting more players at a certain position based on the team needs listed above.

Walker notes that "the Browns have pretty much been silent about their draft plans leading up to this week's meeting with the media in Indianapolis." That has made it difficult for Walker and others to know whether getting a wide receiver or a defensive lineman is a higher priority in round one.