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Tip: Increase Number of Posts on Front Page

Attention DBN Community,

I know there have been some complaints recently about the sheer amount of content that is pushing posts off the front page or making it more difficult to engage in the type of discussions you are accustomed to before a new "topic" is introduced. I am trying to see if there is a compromise I can come up with to accommodate the life blood of this site - all of you who are reading this message right now. In the mean time, I have listed a few helpful tips, as well as things I have tried to do to help, after the jump.

  • Increase Number of Posts on Front Page: You are not restricted to having just 10 posts on the front page. In fact, you can go as high as 50. While it might cause a slight reduction in page loading time, it might help you keep track of more content before it "falls off the front page."
    To adjust this setting, look at the top of this page on the black horizontal SB Nation bar. To the left of "My Blogs," you will see a square icon. Click it. On the ensuing page, click the "Edit Settings" tab. From here, you can choose to have 10, 15, 20, 25, or 50 posts appear on the front page.
    A downside is that this setting applies to all SB Nation blogs, not just DBN.
  • View the Story Archive Page: I have been using the story archive page for years to quickly identify which posts have new comments. I always wonder if other members do the same. Here is the link. The link is also accessible to the right of the DBN logo at the top of the page.
  • Shorter Lengths Prior to the Jump: I have tried making the amount of text prior to the "jump" shorter on certain posts so you don't have to scroll as far on the front page.
  • Around the Pound: While some of the discussion is off-topic, I think many of you see Around the Pound as a nice place to interact on the same topic for a 2-3 day span. I will try to get one of these out every 2-3 days and will post them around 9:00 PM EST. It should at least be two days before it falls off the front page. I'm trying to strategize the timeliness of other posts too (i.e. Around the AFC North in early mornings).

Thank you for your patience. Our community continues to grow daily, and I hope I can make any necessary "transitions" from old trends as smooth as possible for all of you.

-Chris Pokorny