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A.J. Green Calls Mohamed Massaquoi a Mentor

With Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green on the Cleveland Browns' radar, the top receiver in this year's draft class was asked a few questions at the NFL Combine. A few of the questions and his answers involved current Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, who he called a "mentor." Green's quotes are after the jump.

Q: Have any former Georgia players helped you with this process?

A: I had Stafford, "Mo" (Mohamed Massaquoi) – he’s my mentor since I stepped foot onto Georgia’s campus and I turn to him for advice. Mike Moore with the Lions. I’ve got a lot of guys I can turn to.

Q: Do you talk to Massaquoi for advice and would you like to play with him again?

A: When I’m talking to Mo, we don’t really talk football, he doesn’t like to talk football unless I ask him a question or something. But it’d be nice to play with him. My freshman year he took me under his wing and showed me the ropes so it’d be nice.

The relationship won't be the type of thing that makes the Browns target Green; his talent speaks for itself.