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NFL Combine: Jones & Green Comparison, Newton's Day, and a Broken Record

With the wide receivers and quarterbacks performing drills in front of the media Sunday, it was the most eventful news day of the NFL Combine thus far. Since wide receiver is one of the positions the Browns could be targeting with the sixth overall pick, let's take a quick look at how Georgia's A.J. Green and Alabama's Julio Jones did.

Heading into the workouts, Green was projected to be taken ahead of Jones. I don't think the workouts changed the order that the receivers will be taken in, as Green's numbers were not a disappointment. Jones, however, might have improved his individual draft stock by posting solid numbers in each of three categories -- the 40-yard dash, the broad jump, and the vertical jump.

A.J. Green's Numbers: 6-4, 211 lbs. He ran a 4.48 in the 40, had a 10'6" measurement in the broad jump, and a 34.5" vertical jump.
Julio Jones' Numbers: 6-4, 220 lbs. He ran a 4.39 in the 40, had a 11'3" measurement in the broad jump, and a 38.5" vertical jump.

I agree with former NFL general manager Charlie Casserly when he says that while Jones had an intriguing 40-time, I'd pay more attention to his "play speed" when it comes to distinguishing him from other candidates. If it comes down to the Browns wanting to take either receiver at No. 6 overall, I'd still go with Green.

In other combine-related news, the supposed "star" or "icon" of the NFL Combine, quarterback Cameron Newton, kind of tanked in his workout. This guy's attitude makes it difficult to get behind him, and I'm just envisioning the next Vince Young/JaMarcus Russell type of busts, except Newton's attitude will be worse. Hopefully I'm wrong and he doesn't end up being as big of a nuisance as I imagine he'll be at the NFL level.

Finally, the big news among defensive linemen involved tackle Stephen Paea, who "shattered" the 225-pound bench press mark by having 49 repetitions, which is 4 more than the previous record (set by three individuals).

On Monday, defensive linemen and linebackers will continue doing drills. The NFL Combine will wrap up Tuesday when the defensive backs get their work in. That is when the anticipation of how fast cornerback Patrick Peterson's can run will be unveiled.