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Around the Pound (2/28): Defensive Linemen at the Combine, McCoy's Arm

In today's edition of Around the Pound, we take a look at a summary of how some of the defensive linemen did at the NFL Combine, some more news about the arm strength of Colt McCoy, and more.


Cabot: Top Defensive Linemen Put on a Show

Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer has a review of what some of the defensive linemen did at the NFL Combine on Monday. As most of you probably know already, one person who did not perform was Da'Quan Bowers, who sat out and will wait until his Pro Day.

Between Marcel Dareus and Nick Fairley, Mike Mayock believes that Dareus was the big winner of the day. While Fairley was a little faster in the 40-run, Dareus was faster in the 10-yard split. Mayock explains the importance of that:

"All it does is reinforce to me that if I need a defensive tackle, [Dareus] is my first tackle off the board," said Mayock on the NFL Network. "Because at that position, you're looking for that initial get-off, that initial burst off the line of scrimmage. You're not looking for a guy that can run the 40. You're looking for a guy that can be quick in a 10, and the change of direction, the ability to bend his knees. [In drills] you can see the foot quickness and the change of direction, the explosiveness."

While Robert Quinn didn't have horrible numbers at the combine (he ran a 4.70), it was not as fast as anticipated (a 4.55). J.J. Watt, who Mel Kiper recently projected going to the Browns, had a good showing according to Mayock.

Reading other notes on the Internet from the combine, it sounds like Cameron Jordan didn't have a bad day and might have further improved his draft stock as well.

Mayock: McCoy's Arm Strength Above Average

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Mayock also had some comments about Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. Unlike what Michael Lombardi (among many others) said, Mayock thinks McCoy's arm strength won't be a concern:

"His arm is above average. It’s not great and it’s not elite. But the league has been (filled) with those kind of kids forever. If you understand where and when to throw the football and get it out quickly, you’re going to be fine."

Luke McCown Signs One-Year Deal With Jaguars

It seems the Jacksonville Jaguars have agreed to a one-year deal with former Browns quarterback Luke McCown. McCown suffered an injury early on last season, but since leaving the Browns, it seems like he has been one of the better quarterbacks to come out of the city. I'd be fascinated to see how he would do over David Garrard as the Jaguars' starting quarterback.

Off-Beat Notes

  • The last episode of The Cape, at least for awhile, aired today. I have followed every episode, and while it has been a fun little series thus far, I can see why it hasn't caught on in the ratings. With that said, the episode that just aired was the series' finest one yet.
  • When I watch the Oscars, I just want to be mildly entertained, and I felt I was on Sunday. With that said, I pretty much agree with the consensus opinion that James Franco was pretty dull as a co-host, and while Anne Hathaway wasn't a brilliant co-host or anything, she at least seemed to put her best effort forward. I wish there would have been a few more surprises in the categories; everything was a bit too predictable this year. Awards for television always seem to have a bit more suspense, probably because shows rely on them for more long-term notoriety.
  • I miss LOST. I need to schedule a personal rewatch at some point.
  • It's been fun already to check out the box scores for the Cleveland Indians preseason games. With the lockout coming, I'll be even more interested in the start of the baseball season than I usually am.
  • Just wondering, can anyone here slam dunk a basketball on a regulation hoop?