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Draft Thread Setup - Tell us Your Suggestions

The NFL Draft will not take place until late April, but that doesn't mean it won't be a hot topic of discussion, especially with the season officially coming to a close after this Sunday and the unknown status of the labor agreement.

There have already been several draft topics listed as FanPosts. What we want to do is reduce the number of common threads (who should Cleveland pick at No. 6 overall?) while also providing an outlet to discuss any small draft-related tidbit you want to bring up that is not "worthy" of a full FanPost in itself. Here is my rough plan for DBN, and I would like you to add in any suggestions you have.

  • We will start off soon with a post called, "Official NFL Draft Thread (Part I)," that will be posted as a FanPost. When do we open Part II, Part III, and so on? I will leave this up to you. There are two ways we can handle this. The first idea is that we can set a comment threshold -- whenever the number of comments go over...300, for example, we can open a new thread. The second idea is to "play it by ear." That means if you feel a certain thread is too congested, you would add a comment at the bottom of the thread such as, "Anyone think it's time for a new thread?" If the consensus is "Yes," someone should do so.
  • I am not a big college football guy. Most of you have more knowledge on a lot of the prospects than I do, especially if you follow a particular team (i.e. realmccoy would write a thesis on Colt McCoy if he could). Therefore, I encourage anyone to write FanPosts about a particular draft prospect. You need to have a logical or unique format to it though, such as attributes, strengths/weaknesses, achievements in college, positions they could play in the NFL, players they remind you of, how they could contribute to the Browns, what round you expect them to go in, etc.
  • Regarding the above bullet point, you don't need to follow this strict format. If you post it and it looks acceptable, I will promote it to the front page. One prospect post per day per person at most, please.

We will have various front page topics related to the draft as well, such as when rufio begins the process of constructing the DBN Big Board soon, so all of the discussion won't be restricted to the official draft threads. I think most of you understand and advocate the purpose of the official draft threads though.

So, please offer any suggestions you have. Particularly try to read the underlined section above and give your opinion on that.