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Poll: Are You Going to Watch Glee After the Super Bowl?

Glee is airing after the Super Bowl -- will you watch it?
Glee is airing after the Super Bowl -- will you watch it?

What? How is this related to the Super Bowl? The Super Bowl isn't just about the game for many people; it is also about the week's events leading up to the big game, the long pregrame show, the extended halftime musical performances, and then the Super Bowl lead-out programs.

To say that most of the television audience tunes out immediately after the Super Bowl would be a mistake. While there is usually a significant dropoff in viewers percentage wise, the number of viewers that stay tuned in often make that program the highest-rated television show of the season. It is a great way for networks to promote one of their shows.

Over the past decade, reality shows have done very well as the lead-out program:

  • 2001: Survivor: The Australian Outback (CBS, 45.369 million)
  • 2004: Survivor: All Stars (CBS, 33.535 million)
  • 2010: Undercover Boss (CBS, 38.600 million)

Medical shows and dramas have had mixed results, with the medical shows faring better:

  • 2003: Alias (ABC, 17.362 million) - tankjob
  • 2006: Grey's Anatomy (ABC, 37.881 million)
  • 2007: Criminal Minds (CBS, 26.314 million)
  • 2008: House (FOX, 29.045 million)

And then you have the comedy shows, which haven't been necessarily bad, but seem to draw lower numbers:

  • 2002: Malcolm in the Middle (FOX, 21.445 million)
  • 2005: The Simpsons/American Dad (FOX, 23.074 million)
  • 2009: The Office (NBC, 22.905 million)

Where does Glee fall compared to some of those shows? It is tough to tell. Outside of the show, Glee has had a ridiculous amount of promotion, such as CD's, tours, fansites, etc. The show also draws more users on a regular basis than any of the three comedies listed above. The show is not just a comedy either -- it incorporates more drama than your typical comedy, and its musical numbers are still the heart and soul of the show. The fact that it is promoting a performance of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" might draw in more users too.

Whether or not you are a fan of the show isn't the question here. Plain and simple, will you be tuning in to Glee this Sunday after the Super Bowl?