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Around the Pound (2/4): Bodden Ready to Get Back, Pouncey Out

In today's edition of Around the Pound, we take a look at what happened to former Browns cornerback Leigh Bodden this season, the injury status of center Maurkice Pouncey, and a sad story about a terminally ill Browns fan.


Bodden Looking Forward to Get Back to Work Next Season

Remember Leigh Bodden, former cornerback of the Cleveland Browns? You might remember him playing for the New England Patriots last season, but did you hear anything about him this year? Bodden suffered a shoulder injury before the season started after signing a long-term contract extension.

Bodden is eager to work with rookie Devin McCourtey next season and be part of a New England team that is coming off of a solid 14-2 regular season:

“It’s been five months, so the rehab is going great,” he said. “It’s a six-month injury so I’ve been lifting the last couple weeks, doing push-ups and things like that and it’s starting to feel like a shoulder again.”

Mike Tomlin Rules Pouncey Out for Super Bowl

Advantage, Packers. From Behind the Steel Curtain:

According to Adam Schefter Mike Tomlin has told Suzy Kobler that Maurkice Pouncey did not practice today and has been ruled out for the big game. Well that is the news we all did not want to hear, but we figured was coming. Two weeks is too short of a turnaround for how nasty that injury looked against the Jets. I would have been weary of him playing at less than 100% when the Steelers have Doug Legursky as a suitable back up.

While Pouncey seemed to be a bit overrated as a "dominant" center this season, he still helped improve an offensive line that I did not have a lot of faith in heading into the season. Pouncey's presence will be missed in some capacity, and Green Bay will be ready to bring the pressure up the middle.

Terminally Ill Browns Fan Gets His Wish

A sad story from the Plain Dealer, but a feel-good one at the same time:

The top item on Ed Demyan's bucket list was seeing a Super Bowl in person -- ideally with the Cleveland Browns playing. Time is not on his side. Demyan, 47, was told in May he had Stage 3 pancreatic cancer. Despite chemotherapy and radiation treatment, it spread to his bones by November.

But the Browns didn't fumble their chance. With their help and with the Dream Foundation, the nation's first and oldest wish-granting organization for adults, Demyan will be at Super Bowl XLV on Sunday at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

Off-Beat Notes

  • There are no off-beat notes in today's edition of Around the Pound.