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The Morning After: Super Bowl Reactions from Our Partner Sites

It is the morning after Super Bowl XLV, and our friends over at Behind the Steel Curtain and Acme Packing Company have had a little bit of time to reflect on the outcome of the game. Here is a sample of some of their reactions:

There were a myriad reasons why the Steelers were unable to add to their already league-best collection of Lombardi Trophies. The miscues of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger were certainly an integral factor. However, Big Ben does not deserve to be thrown under the bus as the lone man responsible for the loss. Period. Not surprisingly, Big Ben accepted responsibility for the loss, going so far as to say the defeat was entirely on him. Not true at all!

-Michael Bean, Behind the Steel Curtain [Read More]

The experience of the Steelers everyone spoke about never really shone through. Roethlisberger had a decent game, yes, but many other players were missing. Troy Polamalu was nearly silent against Green Bay, a rare sight especially in the Super Bowl. The Steelers linebackers were also mildly quiet, as Aaron Rodgers was only sacked three times, an area most felt was going to be exposed entirely.

-Ryan Cook, Acme Packing Company [Read More]

Also, don't forget to check out the StoryStream of the Super Bowl over at, where all of the post-game highlights are posted.