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2012 Super Bowl Odds: What Are the Browns' Chances?

It's coming to Cleveland next year.
It's coming to Cleveland next year.

Even with a lockout in the foreseeable future, when one Super Bowl ends, the odds for the following one immediately come pouring in. Next year's big game takes place in Indianapolis, and if you are going on odds, the early favorites to make the Super Bowl are the Green Bay Packers (7/1) and the New England Patriots (8/1).

We can at least say the Cleveland Browns don't have the worst odds in the NFL -- those esteemed odds belong to the Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers, each of which are 100/1. The Browns also have better odds than a team that made the postseason this year (the Seattle Seahawks, who are 85/1). Here is what the Browns and the rest of the teams in the AFC North are getting:

This is the Browns' year in 2012, right? If so, then you are getting some great odds for your next Super Bowl Champions.