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Joe Haden's Contract Incentive for Playing Time in 2010

According to Mac's Football Blog, a site that was able to research through NFLPA records, Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden activated an increase in his base salary for next season as a result of the playing time he received this year.

Haden's Old Base: $405,000
Haden's New Base: $2,558,165
Increase in Base Salary: $2,153,165

Here is more contract information for Haden provided by the site:

In addition to his full guaranteed $2,558,165 salary, Joe Haden will receive a $4.5 million roster bonus in 2011. Haden's 2012-14 base salaries increased to $5.765505M (2012), $6.936429M (2013), and $6.678193M (2014).

The site also lists the fact that Joshua Cribbs triggered a $125,000 increase in his base salary. The list does not reflect every player in the NFL yet and will be updated over the next few weeks.